number of records:  1759699
number of sequences:  1327128
number of species:  95640
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Participation, Benefits, and Responsibilities
How can I participate?
  • Join existing campaigns or projects, propose new projects
  • Inject COI sequences, trace files, specimen information onto BOLD
  • Send identified Lepidoptera samples to the CCDB for barcode analyses
  • Make new collections of Lepidoptera
  • Sample museum collections
  • Aid in the identification of unknown specimens and in the curation of checklists
  • Fast deposition and easy management of sequence and specimen data within BOLD
  • Access to a set of analytical tools in BOLD (sequence analysis, GIS, image comparison, GenBank sequence mining)
  • Combination of DNA barcodes and traditional approaches in an integrative taxonomic framework aiding the resolution of taxonomic questions
  • CCDB may provide free DNA extraction and sequencing of COI barcodes for researchers with no access to sequencing facilities so long as the samples contribute to the iBOL Lepidoptera campaign
  • DNA aliquots can be shared with sample donors for further molecular analyses (e.g. phylogenetic studies)
  • Easy deposition of COI sequences to GenBank
  • Campaign participants may share data with members of other projects (upon mutual agreements)
  • Campaign participants should provide identified specimens whenever possible
  • Sample donors should provide detailed specimen information (e.g. collection information including collection date, GPS coordinates, sex, life stage, etc.) as well as an image(s) for each voucher specimen
  • Donors should place barcoded specimens to a public collection whenever possible, ensuring long-term access to these specimens for scientific research
  • Donors should re-examine specimen identifications when discrepancies are noted between morphological identification and COI results
  • Participants should work closely with campaign coordinators to keep BOLD data up-to-date and accurate