number of records:  1759699
number of sequences:  1327128
number of species:  95640
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Get Involved!

Please contact Axel Hausmann, Paul Hebert or Rodolphe Rougerie if you are interested in becoming involved in the Lepidoptera Barcode of Life campaign. You can also contact directly the campaign coordinators listed in the Leadership Team page. If the groups you are willing to contribute to the campaign do not fit any existing campaign, the campaign coordinators will re-direct you toward the leader(s) of the barcoding effort for these groups.

We want to evaluate for you the best strategy for your project, so please provide us, as far as possible, the following information when contacting us:

  • The iBOL campaign is targeting new species only, with a maximum of 10 specimens per species. If you wish to contribute specimens, how would they complement the existing campaigns in term of taxonomy and geography? Have you checked that the species are not already represented in the reference library using BOLD’s taxonomy browser?
  • How many species and how many individual per species are you proposing to sample? From how many different localities?
  • How old are these samples? How were they collected and preserved?
  • Are the specimens identified to species? How reliable are these identifications? Are you yourself an expert taxonomist of a group, and would you be interested in becoming involved in the curation of a checklist and of records from other projects on BOLD (upon agreement of the respective project managers)?
  • If you have funds and access to local sequencing facilities, are you interested in injecting your locally generated sequence data (COI-DNA barcode fragment) into BOLD to facilitate access and analysis?
  • Beyond contributing to the assemblage of the DNA barcode reference library for Lepidoptera, do you have specific questions that you wish to address using COI barcodes?
  • Campaign coordinators will have access to data of all projects within the campaign and thus a broad overview of their contents and complementarities. Do you grant them permission for suggesting collaboration with other expert taxonomists to complete or scrutinize species identification?